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Credits page (continued)
(February 18, 2018)

And here it is, back from the dead, the old credits page from December 2002!

The text is pretty much as it was back then. I only fixed a few typos and changed all the links to point to their current location (the site's structure was very different back then).

In the last section, I also added Wayback Machine links for defunct sites when available.

I am often asked where I get all the information that is contained on this site. I have many different sources. First off, I've spent many hours watching and taping music video networks such as MTV, VH-1, CMT and Z Music. In addition to this, I do a lot of research on the Internet, everyday, compiling information found scattered all over the Web. I also get some credits off video compilations - most of the time these are sent in by fans of a given artist (see below for credits). And finally, individuals have been contributing a lot of information - including some industry people.

Music video directors who have submitted lists of their credits :

Other industry people who have contributed their credits :

Production companies :

The following have also been of great help. If their contribution was specific to a given page, that page is named and linked to after the contributor's name. If no page is mentioned, then the help was such that all details can not be reasonably listed here. In all cases, my deepest thanks to all.

  • Marc Dubé
  • Iain Fisher
  • Damar Fulmore
  • Paul Guyet
  • Kevin Holy
  • Magnus Karlsson (Billy Idol)
  • Neil Kothari
  • Dario Labbate
  • Deidre LaCasse (J. Jesses Smith)
  • Ricardo A. Lafaurie, Jr. (aka Dasrik)
  • Brian C. Lenk (Extreme)
  • Richard Li
  • Liz Madden
  • Miguel Martinez
  • Andrea Murphy @ HSI (Benny Boom)

Special thanks must also go out to members of the music video mailing-list who have provided (and keep on providing) a lot of useful information and additional data.

I don't think I've forgotten anyone, but if I have please let me know so I can add you to the list.

In addition to the links page, there are some sites I used more than others... at least in the beginning, less so now. Some of these are now defunct, but I will keep the names here (unlinked, of course) for, uhm, "posterity's sake"!

  • Athens Music Video
    Great resource, with tons of director credits.
  • Dasrik's Music Video Repository
    Used to be one of the best music video websites out there. Now defunct, sadly.
    2018 Note: In late 1999, early 2000, the site moved to the old Xoom server which offered free webspace (mvdbase was hosted there for some years too). Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine does not seem to have any copies of that era, leaving us only with this earlier incarnation. Sadly, Dasrik (who was also an early contributor to mvdbase) passed away in January 2, 2010. He was only 31 years old.
  • Mr. 88's Video Collection
    A list of videos owned by Mr. 88.
  • MTV Online
    Everyone knows MTV, right? The place isn't quite as good as it used to be, though...
  • Music Video Directors
    Director videographies, including commercial credits - very informative, but unfortunately defunct.
  • The Music Video Webpage
    Director videographies and stills from their works.
  • MusiquePlus Videotheque
    The Videotheque itself no longer exists. The above link points to the network's homepage instead. Pity. That place was great to obtain dates of first airings...
    2018 Note: I did find a copy of the Videotheque from 1998 on the Wayback Machine, but as often happens with archived forms, it breaks as soon as you try to do a search. Quite frustrating, as the data is likely there but unreachable!
  • Oil Factory
    A production company with a very informative website.
  • The State
    Another production company with a great site... or rather, which used to have a great site. There's not much left there at the moment.

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